Friday, June 27, 2003

Nintendo??? Nope, CLIÉ!

I had played the Master Thief: Phoenix Rising when it first came out. It was amazing, for free that is. It was monochrome, but I got a real taste for where Neil Wooding was going with this line of thinking in games for the PDA.

So when I thought about reviewing some games, where did I go, to Palmgear to look up just what Neil had come up with. I had been out of the PDA “gaming” for a while and so I didn’t have a clue that he had been a very busy man. Please note that new versions of these games with sound enhancements to utilize the OS5 devices are expected to be released soon, hopefully within the next month.

Master Thief, Mission: liquid Gold and Master Thief, Mission: Silicon Heaven are quickly becoming my two most-played games on my Clie. In fact it only took starting one of the games, playing it for about 5 mins and configuring the controls to figure out what revolutionary games these are, for the PDA. It's reminds me of the James Bond:007 game for Nintendo (which is the only video game I play).

One of the things that impressed me the most, OK well there are two so please bear with me, is the graphics. WOW! So few games and in fact programs in general utilize the wonderful screens of the Sony Clies'. These two games do utilize the screens resolution and color range, though I do wish more games would utilize the 320X480 screen that is present on so many Clie models now. I was also very impressed with the controls and how configurable they are which made the game all that much easier. I have an NX and the buttons aren’t set into a row like the typical Clie so I went out and treated myself to the gamepad controller and that made an even bigger difference.

The graphics scrolling is very smooth which is great as a lot of games are very disjointed when you play them. It does, however, get very grainy when you get close to a “wall” or other object, to the point that you can’t tell what it is you are looking at. This makes it difficult to find doors in dark rooms.

They do run from a memory stick, which is always a big plus, especially considering they are 651 and 648KB.

Let me tell you that these are real, hardcore games for your PDA and are not ones that can be played for a few minutes and then dropped. If you want a game that you can really get into, like role playing games, then you will fall in instant love with these games.

Both games are basically the same, except for the missions and the environment you are in. In Silicon heaven, you are started on the 5th floor of an office building and your mission is to steal the Cy 300: ArticficalIntelligence Chip. In Liqiud gold, you are in the Chemical Science Factory and you need to steal a chemical formula.

You start out each game with a stun-gun and a mission. Along the way you pickup other weapons and useful items such as medkits and keycards. You have to avoid the guards, which come in human and robot forms and of course the faster you can find the better weapons, such as EMP devices and explosives, the better off you will be against them. You are presented with different types of gaming in addition to the “shoot-em-up”, for example you must solve puzzles such as the codes to doors.

Both games, I think, are wonderful in that you get started out slowly, with things that are easy to identify (guns, enemies, etc…) and then progress to harder and harder levels as you learn the game. This makes it so you can just sync the game and go, but you won’t master it in a week after you have spent many late nights trying to put it down.

All in all, they are great games and I think you would be very hard pressed and most likely very unsuccessful to find another game for the PDA that comes close to these.

I hope you all get a chance to try and enjoy them as I have.

Monday, June 09, 2003

If the links and pics don't show up soon, I will find another way to display the info:)

I am just giving it a while to see if they will show up:)
NOTE: This has been edited so that the URL's are shown in a form to be copyed and pasted so as to view the pages and pictures I talk about. I am trying to learn how to use this Blogspot site, so please bear with me:)

I have just received my new Otterbox by UPS.

(You will have to copy and paste this URL to see it) http://otterstore.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=57

I had been so excited when I found out about these boxes and had rushed to my PC to buy one. I was a bit disappointed when the Sony Clie NX70 wasn't listed as one of the PDA's that the Otterbox would fit, but I was obsessed by the level of protection this box would give my Clie, especially as we roll into the summer months and I spend a lot of time at the pool and beach with my children. Not to mention being able to read my books in the tub:)

So anyway, I kept going back to Otterstore.com, I Googled for other boxes with the same level of protection and useability, but nothing new was coming up. So in desperation, I looked up the internal dimensions of the Otterbox and the dimensions of my NX. It would fit!!! As a precaution before ordering, I call the Otterstore and asked if the inside was made to fit a particular model as it is ordered or if it is customizeable. I was told that it came with foam inserts that you use to make your PDA fit properly without slipping around inside the box. Joy was mine and I ordered immediately, along with the belt clip for carrying around at said beach and pool.

I was so excited that I told a friend and he really scared me by saying that he someone who had ordered it only to find that his NX didn't fit:(

Well, to make a short story long (no errors in that saying!) I was scared, but locked into it now, so I waited.

The box arrived about an hour ago and I set about to cutting and customizing the foam until my NX fit perfectly in the Otterbox, this is what worked for the NX model - 1 1/8" pad on top with 1 1/8" pad and 1 1/4" pad on the bottom to accomodate the "hump" on the back of the NX. My Clie doesn't slip and is flush against the protector on the front of the box! I can turn it off and on easily and have tried the stylus all over the screen with only minor problems at tha far edges, now it still works along the sides I just have to push harder then I would like.

I am rather upset that the stylus for my NX doesn't fit in the silo on the outside of the box, it is too thin and slips right through, but I had an old Palm IIIc stylus that does the trick.

Also, I was under the impression that the model I ordered came with the wrist strap as well and as the box that held the Otterbox in it (with in the UPS box) was opened then I am unsure, but there was no wriststrap included:(

Overall I think this box does exactly what it says it does and is a wonderful investment for anyone who uses their PDA anywhere near the water (sand or similar) or anywhere it could suffer damage due to a serious fall.

Here are a few pictures of how my NX fits into the Otterbox. (please copy and paste the URL to see the pics of how the Otterbox and NX fit together)




By the way, there is another model that allows for port useage, http://otterstore.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=58 (please copy and paste this URL also to view the other Otterbox available)

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Well, this is turning into a hodge-podge of info here.

I am working on a website where I can organize this info so that you don't have to read through all of it to find what you want. I am just fairly PC illeterate:( I do have a website with some articles on it, but it was made by a good friend of mine and I hate to bug him everytime I want to do soemthing to it. I have a lot of ideas on what I would like to do with my own website, so hopefully I will be able to get one up soon. Until then I will empty my brain here:)

By the way, if anyone would like to contact me with any info or suggestions, my e-mail is SYNCRONIZEDQUEEN@CLIEPLANET.COM.

Friday, June 06, 2003

MAC users????

Here are some links for you:


The most obvious of news!!!

To find info and upgrades for your Clie, visit here:

Lost your CD for your Clie, try this free download, it has worked for quite a few people:

For those of you looking to repair the screen or upgrade your memory, here are a few places to visit:



I bought MobiPocket Pro.

I am notoriously cheap so this is a big deal for me. Why did I buy it? Well I had the free version a long time ago and I had dumped it somewhere along the way to make space on my Clie, space is so limited!!!

So anyway, I started a subscription to an online ebook library http://www.libwise.com/knowbetter/ and the books came in MobiBook secure format. So I loaded it again, but the free version didn't work on my new NX so I had to use the Pro version trial. Then I was playing around one day and switched the book I was reading to the landscape mode, then I got the auto-scroll going and I was surprised how much easier and faster it was to read my book, it was like reading a paperback book (how the long the lines were).

So I went to my iSilo and Tomeraider and I can't get them to rotate and auto-scroll, which I became addicted to very quickly with the MobiPocket. So imagine my horror when my trial ran out and I had to read my ebooks the "old fashioned" way!!!

For those who like to keep up on the news, of course this is an obvious choice, but even for those of us who just like some light reading, MobiPocket Pro makes it so much like a paper back novel, without the hassale of carrying an actual paper book, that you really have to try it. Of course you can read standard doc versions with it to.

Well that's my thought for today, hope it helps you all to find something that makes your Clie just THAT much more enjoyable for you:)

Thursday, June 05, 2003

I am starting this page as a way to get out all the things I would like to say in regards to the Sony Clie. Both through my own experiences and to get the info out there that I am often asked about in doing the technical support for CliePlanet.

I hope that this site will help and possibly entertain whoever graces it's doorstep.

Here's to good times and MORE info for our beloved Clie's:)

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